105″ Curved Ultra HD TVs From Samsung And LG – The Future Of The Living Room?

samsung-hd-tv-105-inchReports suggest that LG and Samsung are preparing to launch massive 105″ curved Ultra HD TVs. Announcements are expected during CES 2014.

Let’s face it, the size of the TV in your living room says a lot about you. If you sit with your knees around your ears to make room for the TV and cabinet then you’re most definitely working class. Generally speaking, you can measure just how chavvy people are by the increasing size of the TV sets in their room.

There is a serious point to this, believe it or not. A 50″ TV set in a tiny living room means that you have to sit too close. It means that most of the screen will be in your peripheral vision, where the brain has to fill in blanks and guess at a lot of what is there. It means that you’ll get neck-ache from craning, and it probably means that you leave your blinds closed all day, in fear of having your prized set stolen at night.

This all begs the question of who exactly is going to buy a 105″ curved screen Ultra HD TV, especially considering existing 84” and 85” from LG and Samsung respectively, cost anywhere between £10,000 and £25,000. To get a better understanding of that price, it’s equivalent to between 3 years and 10 years of Jobseeker’s Allowance.

To calculate the approximate size of HD TV that is best for your room, take the viewing distance in feet and multiply it by 4.5 to give screen size in inches, so if you have a viewing distance of 10 feet you can go up to a 45” screen. This calculation can also be used to determine what social class you sit in.

TV size divided by viewing distance should equal between 4.5 and 5. A 6 means that you’re falling into the realms of working class, while 7 and above indicates that you probably wear onesies, go shopping in your pyjamas, and drink Snakebite and cheap Vodka, possibly even in the same glass.

However, according to reports, 105” ultra HD TV sets from Samsung and LG are exactly what will be appearing at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and could be an indication of things to come. The curved screen means that you will be able to view more of the screen from closer, but still, 105” means that you’re going to need a runway to achieve the perfect viewing distance.

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Of course, CES is little more than a bunch of tech manufacturers getting together and measuring not only the volume of urine they produce but how far they can fire it, and in this respect it makes for extremely entertaining viewing. It occasionally gives us a glance into the future of our tech buying habits too.

How do you rank on the chav TV size equation?
Does the thought of a curved ultra HD TV cause you to crack out the Snakebite?

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