1stFone Mobile Phone Aimed At Young Kids And Has Limited Features

1stfone MObile PhoneSticky smears on the screen, chewed corners, internal storage crammed full of useless apps, and a gallery full of photos of inanimate objects are the joys that await any parent that lets their kids have free reign over their mobile phone for five minutes. The new 1stFone is a cheap mobile phone aimed specifically at 4 to 9 year old kids that has limited functionality and is big on colour.

The 1stFone costs £55 and it doesn’t have a screen, per se; parents can choose up to twelve contacts and display their names on the front of the phone. Kids will only have the option to call these contacts, while their name is displayed at the top of the phone. A 999 button can be added but the fact that it has to pressed three times to make the call seems unlikely to deter most 6 year olds from ringing for Fireman Sam.

The skin of the phone can be changed and there are some fittingly over the top and garish designs including Green Dinosaur, Blue Splat, and Black Skulls. The phone does not offer any Internet, texting, or screen capabilities and this means that you won’t be hit by any massive and unexpected phone bills.

Most kids want a mobile phone so they can play games and take pictures, rather than actually calling people, while most parents may shy away from giving a child a phone of any sort, even one with such limited capabilities. However, if you are interested, you can pick one up from the MyOwnFone.com website.

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