20 Injured In Catastrophic LG Promotion

LG-G2-Emerges-in-Leaked-Photos-Shows-Back-ButtonsA promotional event for the LG G2 saw 20 people injured in Seoul and LG promising to meet healthcare costs and cancel future promotional events.

Promotional events can be a great way to attract attention and LG has certainly managed that with its latest stunt to try and gain some column inches for the newly launched G2 smartphone. During an event in Seoul, the company launched 100 helium balloons, each with a voucher for a free handset. All entrants had to do was pop the balloons, grab a voucher, and claim their prize.

In order to ensure that they got a free LG G2, thousands of people turned up brandishing BB guns, knives, and even sharp pointed sticks. Unfortunately, in their haste to burst the balloons and find the vouchers, 20 people were injured after being pushed over. They were admitted to local hospitals and LG has said that they will cover any and all medical costs associated with the incident.

Furthermore, the electronics giant has said that they have cancelled any future promotional events in order to prevent this from happening again.

The LG G2 was unveiled just last week and will become available around the world in the next two months. It has a number of noteworthy features including the lack of side buttons. This has also enabled the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer to be able to increase the width of the screen so that the £550 phone will have a massive 5.2” screen.

The phone will also automatically answer when placed to the user’s ear and has HiFi quality audio, which LG claims will produce quality as good as that of a CD played at home.

LG is hoping that the premium G2 will enable them to catch up with market leaders Apple and Samsung in smartphone sales.

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