3 Of The Best DAB Digital Radios

dab-digital-radiosThere was a time when DAB radio was struggling to make a real go of it. People simply didn’t want to pay the massive prices that were first associated with these devices. What’s more, manufacturers seemed determine alienate potential buyers with a bizarre range of designs. Fortunately, times and technology have moved on since then and you can now get a really good looking, feature packed, DAB digital radio for relatively little outlay.

Pure One Flow

The Pure One Flow is at the lower end of budgetary requirements usually costing less than £90. It has a kitchen radio type design and it will connect to your WiFi network at home. You can tag songs and you can choose from a great selection of music to play. There are some flaws but at the low price tag and offering access to the Pure Lounge it is a good choice if you want something simple for use in the kitchen.

Eton Soulra

The Eton Soulra offers something a little different. It is an all weather iPod dock so you can take your iPod out and listen to even when enduring a rainy British summer day. The iPod is placed behind the front wall of the dock and it has a solar panel to recharge the dock and the iPod itself. The £150 price tag means that the Soulra does fall a little short in some areas of features but it is to be expect at what is a low price point.

Pure Sensia 200D

The Pure Sensia 200D is more expensive, costing around £250, but you do get better audio quality and considerably more features than found in any of the less pricey models. Pure has become well known for exceptional build quality and the Sensia 200D has a great look too. Included among the features of the 200D is USB recording. Not only can you record whatever you’re listening to right now but you can schedule recording so you can listen back to your favourite radio shows later. It has DAB, FM, and Internet radio so no matter where you are or what you’re doing you will be able to connect to your favourite stations.

DAB radio has come a long way although the options are still limited. Generally, the most popular digital radios are those that accompany other devices, such as full stereos or iPod docks. However, if you really want a dedicated DAB radio then the above three options are a good selection that meet any budget you might be working to.

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