38 Millions views for FIRST KISS Video

first kiss awkward stragers videoNewbie filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has shot the most transient of human relationships on YouTube – the FIRST KISS – in a moving video clip that shows the wave of senses and happy moments it appears to be to provide us .

The video was viewed 38 million times on the youtube.com in just 2 days. Tatia Pilieva shot every one of the partners in black and white , together with, the mellow sounds of SOKO’s song “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” play.

The video clip, that has gained over 2 million views in a single night, seems to gain pleased audience who written opinions on the film’s YouTube page talking about ‘First Kiss’ as “beautiful”.

The video displays all of the uneasiness of the situations preceeding the first kiss . The ‘couples’ put up bit of chat and one lady asks “can we turn out the lights ?”

The movie director did not call for , and the same woman states “let’s look at each other for a second , ok ?” .
One more pair seem a lot more positive , with the guy telling “shall we make out ?” “Absolutely” , his partner responses.

1 guy admits “this is actually pretty scary” , a fact most likely not helped by the point that his companion has simply forgotten his name for a moment .

Ms Tatia Pilieva thanked visitors for their encouragement on Twitter , together with the ‘dear hearts’ who indulged in the movie clip.

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