4 Of The Best Convertible Tablets

convertible tabletsWith the news that Windows has got its foot in the door of the tablet PC market and because they certainly seem to favour the convertible laptop design we take a look at three of the best convertibles released to date. For reference, a convertible tablet offers both touch screen and physical keyboard capabilities and must provide some way of changing, or converting, from one to the other in order to quality as a true convertible laptop.

The Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook has 4GB RAM and an i5 process which means that it will perform well for a laptop and will far outstrip the vast majority of tablet PCs. It can be flipped and folded when you want to convert to a tablet or back again although the frame type arrangement does make it look a little odd in our eyes. Plus, the £1,200 price tag means that this is far from an affordable option.

The Asus Vivo Tab R, on the other hand, may not look as well built or have the same raw power as the Dell XPS12 but this also means that it doesn’t have the same massive price tag. Expect to pay around £650, which is only slightly more than half the price of the Dell. For this, you still receive a 10.4 inch screen and 2GB of RAM.

The Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 is an attractive compromise between the two designs. It has a large 13 inch screen and looks like a fairly standard laptop. However, fold the screen back on itself and it will convert from a laptop to a tablet. It, like the Dell, has an i5 process and it also has 4GB RAM. It is a Windows 8 machine and you can buy it for less than £1,000.

If you can wait until May then the Microsoft Surface Pro will be released here in the UK. The Surface Pro has been released in various other countries already, although we note that the UK isn’t the last to receive it so that’s something, and the price has yet to be confirmed but despite having an equivalent price of around £600 in the US we think you should expect to pay a bit more than this.

There are many other options out there and the convertible offers a unique and beneficial trade-off between tablet and laptop that means it will prove popular with many users. You can use the tablet for handy gaming and quick updates. You can check your email while in tablet mode and if you see a work email that you just can’t ignore, you can flip to laptop and do the necessary work. If prices reduced a little further then we think that convertibles will become even more popular.

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