5 Of The Best Fitness Apps For Android

Android Fitness AppsWhether you own a Galaxy S4 or a Nexus 7 yo ucan use your Android powered device for many things, thanks to the proliferation of high quality apps that are available. If you are looking to lose weight ready for summer or you’re worried about your health now you’re approaching middle age you can benefit from these 5 Android apps to help you get fit and continue with your exercise regimen.

You Are Your Own Gym – there’s no need to spend a fortune on home gym equipment or brave the embarrassment of visiting your local gym with this app. This workout programme contains more than 200 self powered exercises to help you get fit and in shape. Because you don’t need gym equipment you can perform them just about anywhere too.

FatSecret Calorie Counter – if you are looking to exercise your way to reduced weight then you will need to consider your diet as well as your exercise plan. This is where the FatSecret app is especially useful. It contains information on many food products available from the supermarkets and from takeaways so that you can track calories, protein, carbs, and other details.

Couch To 5k – this is an app with a very specific and impressive goal in mind. By following the programme for thirty minutes a day, three days a week, Couch to 5K claims it will be able to have you running your first 5k race in just 9 weeks. The workouts, which are backed by cartoon characters, start out reasonably gently and build to a sergeant major crescendo.

Office Yoga – the strangled pigeon, flatulent hedgehog, and full moon are just some of the yoga moves you will be taught using the Office Yoga app. Okay, so we made the moves up, but not the app. You can learn nine sets of beginner yoga steps to perform while at your desk. A number of these are geared towards remedying specific problems and they are all subtle enough that they can be performed without fear of getting you the sack and arrested.

Zombines, Run! 2 – this is one of, if not the greatest fitness app available. In it, you are faced with the threat of being eaten by zombies and you must cover enough distance to run for supplies and stay ahead of the zombie horde. If you’re looking for inspiration or you simply want to make your running schedule a little more interesting then this is the ideal app for you.

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