5 Of The Best Outdoor Gadgets

outdoor-gadgetsAs the weather finally starts to get warmer and the long and unusually snowy winter is all but a distant memory, it’s about time to start looking forward to the best gadgets for summer. Below we take a look at the five potential essentials to help get you through the long sunny mornings and wet, disappointing afternoons.

Wireless Speaker

The Cambridge Audio is a high quality wireless speaker that is especially suited to those whose gadgets and music players aren’t specifically Apple. As well as Apple’s AirPlay, they also play via Bluetooth and WiFi. Cambridge are well known for their high quality HiFi audio and this is evident in the clarity offered from the Cambridge Audio wireless speak. Expect to pay around £300 or more but expect the kind of quality you would want at this price point.

HD Video Camera

The Sony HDR CX410VE is price at around £500 and is the leading light in Sony’s catalogue, aside from a model that offers a hand held projector and is very pricey. The CX410VE isn’t cheap; it will cost you getting on for £500 but the quality is excellent for this price. You will be able to capture high quality HD footage all summer long and the camcorder goes a very long way towards negating shaky hands.

Mini Tripod

Whet it is for your iPhone, your digital camera, or virtually any other handheld photo taking device, the Gorilla Grip tripod is difficult to beat. It is inexpensive, grabs on to just about anything, and is extremely flexible so you aren’t constrained to the usual elevation, shot height, or position when lining up your shot. This range of mini tripod costs between £15 and £50 depending on the features you want.

Helmet Cam

Whether your love is for mountain biking, abseiling, or skateboarding, the helmet cam is an ideal way to capture footage of your skills. The Drift HD 720 has been around for a while but this means that you can pick up an essential piece of recording equipment for around £120. It has colour LCD screen, 5MP still photo camera, and it is weatherproof and rugged making it a solid and lasting investment.

Handheld Entertainment

Let’s face it, the sun won’t last all summer. If you’re looking for something that is easy to carry and offers as much entertainment as possible then the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be ideal. You can watch video, catch up with friends, make calls, play games, and even watch your favourite TV shows. Expect to pay around £500 to £600 for PayG models but expect your S4 to replace many of your other devices too.

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