5 Of The Best Watches From Baselworld 2013

baselworldBaselworld is to watches what CES is to electronics and, every year, major watch and jewellery manufacturers line up to show off their latest innovation or unveil their latest launch. Baselworld 2013 was no different with new models from all of the big names and prestigious manufacturers including Rolex and Breitling, to name just two. Below, though, are five of our favourite watches from the event.

4N Black Edition – The 4N Black is a combination of discs (four for the hour and five for the minutes) that are used to tell the time digitally, but using an analogue display. The watch is available in 18 carat white gold and there is a platinum version. Unfortunately, 4N has decided to only make 16 of the watches and this means that there is a €150,000 (about £125,000).

Asics AH01 – We’re not necessarily that keen on the black and pink colours or the fact that they look more like a Tamagachi but the AH01 is a watch designed primarily for runners and we do like the technology that it incorporates. It includes a chest strap heart rate monitor so that you can track the intensity of your workout while monitoring your heart rate.

Breitling Bentley B06 – Its price tag may be dwarfed by the 4N above but the stunningly intricate design of the Breitling Bentley B06 combines some of the best looking elements of the Bentley marque and will still cost you at least £8,000. It also features a tachometer that will let you track highest speed, average speed, and distance travelled.

Braun Prestige B910 Digital Watch – The Braun design will not be for everybody and, if you do buy one then you will probably have to get used to people saying they didn’t know that Braun made watches. There are no side buttons, instead replaced by a scroll wheel, but the retro design certainly ensures that the Prestige B910 stands out from other typical watch designs. A steel version will set you back £450 while a rubber variant will cost just £399 making it one of the cheaper options that were available at this year’s event.

HYT H2 – The HYT H2 is an incredible piece of hydro mechanical engineering that is effectively modern day steampunk design at its best. Pistons force liquid through a capillary to display the hours. The watch is available as a Titanium model, for around $45,000 (£29,000) or in a red gold version, although no price has been confirmed for this more expensive option.

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