5 Of The Best Wireless Speakers

wirelessspeakers1Whether it’s AirPlay, Bluetooth, or WiFi, we are gradually coming round to the idea of wireless speakers. Each of the systems has its drawbacks and benefits but here we look at some of the best wireless speak options to play music from your mobile phone, tablet, and other devices.

Sonos Play3 – we’re particularly keen on the Play 3 because it allows you to customise your wireless speakers to your needs and works via smartphone or tablet app. There are two sizes of speakers and the Play 3 is the smaller of the two. Two can be combined for a stereo sound effect
or you can pair one with the bigger Play 5. Download an app to your phone, pair your phone and speakers via WiFi, and you can enjoy good quality wireless sounds.

Pure Jongo – The Pure Jongo speak is small and designed for multi-room use and costs only £150 a speaker. It works via WiFi or Bluetooth and while it may not have the biggest sound, you can choose from a range of grill colours and change them as required. The speakers are also rechargeable so can be taken with you on the move. These are ideal if you are looking for a way to add wireless sound to a number of rooms and don’t have a massive budget.

Damson Cisor – Whether you’re restricted by a low budget or having very little room, the Damson Cisor could be your ideal option. It fits in the palm of your hand, costs less than £80, and connects via Bluetooth or audio jack connection. It doesn’t have the best sound quality but it uses the surface on which it sits to help magnify the sound. A good option for limited budgets and space.

Sony SA NS510 – This AirPlay speaker is weird to look at but it delivers crisp sound at very good volume levels and it disperses the sound really well too. It is a little more expensive at around £250 but if you have a retro looking room then it will make the perfect design addition while also giving very good sound quality for the money.

Samsung DA-E750 – The Samsung is not only a dock for Apple and Android devices but also offers wireless sound from a stunning looking and incredible sounding device. You will need to blow around £500 to have this in your house but if you’ve got the money (upwards of £500) and you like a lot of clarity when you’re listening to your favourite Rick Astley tracks then this is the best option.

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