5G To Be Available In 7 Years Claims Samsung

samsung galaxy s 5GWe may not have yet fully realised the benefits of 4G mobile communications, but Korean manufacturer Samsung claims that they have discovered techniques that will see 5G introduced by the year 2020. 5G will offer 1gb/sec downloads which means that entire albums and movies would be downloaded in a second or less to mobile phones and tablets. Claims by the company are in contrast to scientists’ previous beliefs. Meanwhile, BT look set to join the 4G battle, even by the end of this year.

It had been widely accepted by the scientific fraternity that high frequency wavebands were
unsuitable for long range, mobile communications. However, the Korean technology company has said that they have developed adaptive array transceiver technology that transmits data in the millimetre-wave band frequency. In short, this means incredibly fast download and Internet speeds regardless of the type of device you are using. It also means that Samsung could steal a march on their rivals within the industry.

In February the European Commission invested €50m of its money in investigating 5G, stating that they wanted a new network to be up and running by the year 2020. Samsung has not only said that they have the technology but that they have the potential to launch by the 2020 deadline.

Thus far, Everything Everywhere is the only real 4G contender but BT has opened up negotiations in an attempt to find a mobile partner and chief executive Ian Livingston has said that branded SIM cards could be available by the end of this year.

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