78% Of Top iOS And Android Apps Have Been Compromised

ARXANResearch conducted by Arxan Technologies shows that 100% of the top 100 paid Android apps, and 56% of the top 100 Apple iOS apps have had their security compromised.

The proliferation of mobile devices, and an increase in the amount of time people spend using apps, means that app security has become more important than ever. While it is possible to download and install mobile security packages, few of us actually use them. Considering the fact that our mobile devices often sync with out laptops, desktops, and online accounts, and we use apps for everything from paying for goods to online banking, it should be something that we take more seriously.

Arxan Technologies’ second State of Security in the App Economy report highlights the potential dangers that we face every time we install or use an app. Android certainly fares a lot worse than iOS in the report, but Apple is still far from perfect.

According to the report, 100% of all of the top 100 paid Android apps have been compromised, compared to 56% of the top 100 paid iOS apps. 73% of free Android apps and 53% of free iOS apps have also been compromised. This meant that, during 2012, 80% of all Android apps and 40% of all iOS apps had been compromised.

Clearly, is security is important to you, then you are better with free iOS apps than anything else.

Online banking apps are become increasingly commonplace, and these hold our most sensitive of data. A cracked mobile banking app could be used to clear out bank accounts, and more. 53% of financial apps available on the Android operating system had had their security breached, while the figure for iOS was better, at 23%.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but you can download an app to help protect your app security. There are a number of free and commercial offerings, and you should do your homework before choosing one, otherwise you may find that you end up with a cracked app.

AVG Free has been protecting laptops and computers for many years, and it offers a free version for mobile users too. Not only will it protect you in real time, by identifying and clearing malware, spyware, and viruses, but it affords you the opportunity to back up your mobile and even to locate your handset if it ever becomes lost or stolen. Norton, Trend, and Virus Barrier are also known to be good security apps for your smartphone.

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