800,000 Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Sold In Two Months

Galaxy-Gear-008-Set1-Side_SixSamsung has announced that it has managed to sell 800,000 of its Galaxy Gear smartwatches, since the device first went on sale two months ago.

Samsung is the biggest TV manufacturer in the world, and also the largest smartphone manufacturer. According to the company, they have also outperformed predicted figures for the sale of their smartwatch, the recently released Samsung Galaxy Gear. However, there are some questions raised regarding the validity of the figures, and the watch itself has come in for some reasonably harsh criticism since its launch.

On release, even Samsung said that the 1.63” device needed some work, comparing it to a green tomato. Reviewers were equally critical, especially because it is expensive and it does require a Note or similar Samsung Galaxy device in order to enjoy the full functionality that it offers.

Samsung told Reuters that they have sold more than 800,000 watches, but there have been questions raised over whether this is the number that have been shipped to retailers, or the actual number that has been sold to end consumers.

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The Galaxy Gear is not a small and discreet watch. The aluminium face includes a 1.63” screen and a rubber strap. The Gear isn’t water proof but is splash proof. One of the biggest problems with the device, other than the £300 price tag, is the fact that it will only work in conjunction with other Samsung devices, rather than with any Android device.

The Gear is used primarily to alert you of actions on your mobile phone. You can stay informed of new text messages, missed calls, and you can even respond to some communication using S Voice. However, you won’t be able to preview emails or Tweets, and you will instead just be informed that you need to check your mobile phone in order to receive the full message.

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