Aberdeen fans score Human League hit

peter-pawlettA social media campaign by Aberdeen FC fans has propelled a 1980s hit by The Human League into the iTunes top 5.

Dons fans have embraced Don’t You Want Me – a number one in 1981 – by changing the lyrics to “Peter Pawlett Baby”.

Campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to get the song to the top of the charts have snowballed since the club won the Scottish League Cup on Sunday – with the song echoing in the background.

The Human League have now joined in with the effort.

Peter Pawlett is an Aberdeen midfielder.

The song was the highest new entry in the iTunes chart on Tuesday, when it reached number 10, and has continued to climb since.

Human League’s Facebook page posted a message that said: “Amazing stuff you Aberdeen FC fans, simply amazing.

“Best of luck with your campaign and here’s hoping the club appreciate your creativity and support as much as we do.”

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