Adidas Unveils MiCoach Smart Run Smartwatch

adidas-micoach-smart-run-watch-xlThe MiCoach Smart Run has been unveiled as a new entry into the smartwatch market by sports manufacturing giant Adidas. It is aimed at runners and monitors performance as well as physical statistics.

The smartwatch market has been growing in stature and size recently with new models from the likes of Nike already being announced, and news of launches from Samsung and even Apple either confirmed or on the horizon. There are essentially two types of smartwatch available, one that works in tandem with a smartphone or other mobile device and offers call and message features, and one that is geared more towards the runner or fitness enthusiast.

Unsurprisingly, smartphone manufacturers tend to land on the side of complementing a smartphone’s features, while sports manufacturers typically offer devices that are geared specifically towards runners or cyclists. As one of the world’s biggest sports manufacturers, it will come as little surprise that Adidas has unveiled a smartwatch that is very clearly aimed at the runner.

The MiCoach Smart Run was unveiled by the sportswear giants in a bid to take on the likes of the Nike FuelBand but there are a number of significant differences between the two devices.

Perhaps the first noticeable difference is the price tag. With a $399 US price tag, it was a little disappointing to see that it would release at £350 in the UK. Not only is this a significant amount to drop on what is basically a heart rate monitor that tells you the time, but it is also around double the price of the Nike FuelBand.

With that said, one of the big gripes regarding the FuelBand was that users had to pinch the watch in order for it to record heartbeat. In contrast, the Smart Run has a passive sensor so it will constantly monitor pulse as you work out. This may not seem like a big difference but it has a variety of other sensors that the Nike device does not offer.

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Another major advantage to the Smart Run is that it comes with apps for virtually all platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS whereas the Nike only has an iOS app.

The smartwatch and wearable tech market has taken off in recent months and consumers can expect to see new devices that are similar to these sports smartwatches, as well as more devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is designed to be paired and to extend the usefulness of Galaxy smartphones.

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