Aldi Is The Latest To Launch A Budget Tablet

Aldi LifetabBudget supermarket chain Aldi is launching its own budget tablet, the 7″ Medion Lifetab E7316, this Sunday. It will cost £79.99 but will it be competition for the likes of the Hudl and the MyTablet?

Once upon a time, if you wanted a tablet PC you had to pay the high prices of an iPad or Samsung device, or opt for something next to useless like the Blackberry Playbook. Then, along came the Google Nexus. It would be fair to say that the Nexus revolutionised the tablet market, or at least the price that consumers have to pay in order to get their hands on one. It had reasonable specs and it was possible to pick one up for around £150.

Since the launch of the second generation of Nexus, and the introduction of devices like the Kindle Fire, things have started to really open up. Tesco, Asda, Carphone Warehouse, and Argos have all launched their own budget tablets with prices ranging from £50 to £120.

The latest retailer to join this ever expanding list is Aldi. Home to many an electric and electronic bargain, as long as you don’t mind queuing from 7 in the morning to get hold of the best deals, the firm has announced that they will launch a 7” device that will cost just £79.99, although stock is said to be limited.

Since Tesco’s launch, the Hudl has become the budget benchmark. It costs £120, although taking advantage of double Clubcard points means that you could pick one up for £60. What’s more, it has surprisingly good specifications although we’ve yet to get our hands on one and give it a proper go.

The Aldi Medion Lifetab E7316 certainly doesn’t have as snappy a title but it costs £80 so is in the same ballpark as the Hudl.

Both offer 7” screens but the Lifetab only has 8GB of internal storage and has pretty poor 2MP and 0.3MP rear and front facing cameras respectively. It has a 1.6GHz quad core processor, which isn’t too shabby for this kind of price point, but the real deal breaker could be the fact that Aldi say it only offers around 4 hours of battery life. The Hudl, in contrast, offers nearly 10 hours before you have to find a plug and put your app use on hold.

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The Lifetab will go on sale, in Aldi stores, from Sunday this week, so you won’t have long to wait (although it may feel like it when you’re queuing outside the shop on Sunday morning).

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