Almost ONE million Britons visit food banks following 163 percent jump in the number of people seeking emergency help

Food-banksThe number of adults and children using food banks has exceeded 900,000 for the first time according to new research.

The Trussell Trust said that 913,000 people received at least three-days’ emergency help over the past twelve months.

Researchers claimed the 163 per cent jump in people seeking assistance is due to rising living costs combined with low pay and problems over welfare payments.

The Trussell Trust said they now had more than 400 food banks across the UK with a further two opening every week

The Trussell Trust’s chairman, Chris Mould, said: ‘That 900,000 people have received three days‘ food from a food bank – close to triple the numbers helped last year – is shocking in 21st-century Britain.’

According to the report eight out of ten food banks claimed many of those using the service had faced sanctions over benefit payments which left them unable to afford food.

The government introduced tougher rules aimed at benefit claimants last October including raising the minimum sanction for violations from one to four weeks.

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