Amazon And HTC Allegedly Partnering To Create An Amazon Smartphone

amazon_htcDriven by the success of the Amazon Kindle range of tablets and e-readers, Amazon has allegedly been in talks with HTC to produce a range of smartphones using a forked version of the Android operating system.

HTC may have recently reported its first quarterly loss but they still have some appeal to consumers and to commercial organisations too. Details of the HTC One Max were released early following a press leak for the device and this will be the most recent addition to the popular One flagship series. However, the Taiwanese manufacturer has struggled to relive the glory they enjoyed with budget devices like the Desire and the Wildfire.

They have been in talks with Amazon, allegedly, over the production of three smartphones for the online retailer. Amazon has enjoyed success first with its ebook readers and, more recently, with its range of Kindle Fire tablet devices.

This move would be a step back to HTC roots. They started out by manufacturing devices for the likes of Orange in the UK and companies around the world before launching their own branded devices. They started out creating Windows phones, although most of their recent models are based on the Android platform.


Whether the phones emerge may depend on whether HTC can remain part of the Open Handset Alliance while working on a forked Android platform.

The OHC requires that its members offer an open platform and membership means that companies can provide instant access to Google Play and the many apps available. If HTC find that they will be kicked out of the Alliance then they may decide that the Amazon deal is not for them.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are easy to use and offer access to the massive library of media that Amazon has amassed. Branded smartphones may take a similar line, but they seem to be struggling to find a company to partner with for the project.

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