Amazon AutoRip Comes To The UK

amazonCustomer that have purchased CDs, tapes, or vinyl music from Amazon since 1999 can now download the music completely free from the new Amazon Autorip service.

Amazon has launched its impressive Autorip service in the UK following successful releases in the USA, France, and Germany. The service enables consumers that have purchased music in physical format from the retailer since 1999 to download or stream the music digitally completely free of charge. What’s more, all future purchases of physical music will allow the buyer to enjoy the same benefits.

Amazon has been busy reaching agreement with music publishers to offer the service on 350,000 albums.

In order to access your songs, simply log on to the Amazon Cloud Player service linked to your main Amazon account and you will be presented with all of the music that you have previously purchased from the site. From there, you can download the music as mp3 files or you can stream to your laptop, computer, or Android , iOS, and Kindle Fire devices.

If you currently download most of your music while buying CDs to play in the car or in a particular room of the house then AutoRip is going to prove a highly beneficial service. Buy the CD from the Amazon website and not only will you get the CD for your car but you will be able to download the mp3 version to your iPod or other device. You can also stream it through the Amazon Cloud Player to listen to on your computer devices.

Amazon Cloud Player is a music streaming app that can be installed on any computer or laptop. A free account allows for the importing of 250 songs and those that you buy or download from Amazon do not count towards this total either. A premium account costs £21.99 for a year and offers room for 250,000 songs which should be more than enough for the whole street never mind the whole household.

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