Amazon Launches New Kindle Fire HDX

kindle_fire_hdxAmazon has unveiled the upgraded versions of its tablet devices. The HDX go beyond HD according to Amazon, hence the additional moniker within the name. Two new devices have a minimum resolution of 323 ppi.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets have proven a popular buy with those that are looking for simple devices that offer great quality media consumption. Whether you enjoy watching films or TV, listening to music, viewing your own pictures, or playing a few simple games, the low cost of the Fire tablets combined with the high quality screen and access to Amazon’s massive library of media in various formats means that the Fire range would have proven perfect for the job.

In the Kindle Fire HDX Amazon has not only continued this tradition but improved upon it with better screens, an upgraded processor, and a lighter and more comfortable design.

The 7” version of the HDX offers 323ppi while the 8.9” screen has 339ppi and both provide additional screen quality features like reduced glare and dynamic image contrast.

Both devices have the same, high powered 2.2GHz quad core processor. This gives a massive boost to previous versions of the tablet – in fact, it represents about three times as much processing power and the difference is not only noticeable but significant too.

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There are a number of new features and apps included out of the box too. Second Screen means that the content is displayed on your TV freeing your Kindle Fire HDX to be used as a control. X-Ray For Music displays the lyrics of songs that you are listening to and scrolls through them at just the right pace. Combining these two means that you can set up a karaoke machine in your own living room, should the desire really take you, or should the kids pester you enough.

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