Amazon Preparing Delivery Drones

amazonAmazon is trialling delivery by drones in the US, although the company say that getting Federal Aviation Administration approval means it could be 2015 before the service is offered in earnest.

Many retailers and distributors are looking for new ways to connect with their customers. Ebay have signed deals with a number of local shops, so that buyers will be able to purchase from the auction site and then collect their items from those stores. You could be picking up your cheap Ebay items from Argos, although the deal is only a trial so it may not last forever if Argos finds that it cuts into their own sales volume.

Amazon is also attempting to improve its results, by improving its relationship with customers and the service level that it provides. One way that they are considering doing this is through the delivery of goods by drone to buyers.

Drones are unmanned vehicles and Amazon claims that they have trialled devices that will collect and drop off packages up to 2.3kg in weight within 30 minutes of an order being placed. 2.3kg accounts for approximately 86% of Amazon’s items.

The etailer are awaiting approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration, although the use of drones by companies and organisations is expected to literally take off by 2015. There are rules and regulations in place, at the moment, that all but prevent the use of drones in this way.

Experts have said that there are a number of obstacles that must be overcome. Safety is one such issue, as the drones do not currently have enough awareness of their surroundings to be able to avoid flying into people or other objects. Security is another issue. Unmanned drones would have no security and this means that the items that are transported would be under threat.

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