Amazon To Give Away Free Smartphones To Compete With Apple And Samsung

amazon-smartphoneThere are reports that Amazon are gearing up to offer a smartphone completely free to customers although the company has yet to even confirm the impending arrival of its own handset.

We’re not sure if you can really call it competing, but reports suggest that Amazon is going to attempt to take a slice of the smartphone market share away from the likes of Apple and Google by offering its own branded smartphone completely free to customers, even those that do not take one on contract. They are, apparently, hoping to make up for the inevitable loss on handset sales through digital sales made through the device.

If there’s one thing that Amazon does well, and that makes the otherwise fairly mundane and run of the mill Fire HD tablets a worthwhile investment, it is the massive selection of downloadable content that the company has to offer. There are, of course, ebooks but there is also a massive library of music, TV, and films for Amazon customers to choose from and the move to digital has helped further cement the online retailers place in commerce history.

According to report, they are hoping to take advantage of this reputation for providing high quality content to help them carve out a piece of the smartphone market; a market that is currently dominated by Samsung and Apple, with the likes of Nokia, Sony, HTC, and Blackberry also accumulating a number of sales between them.

By offering a free phone, Amazon would presumably be able to get their content library in front of a lot of potential customers and they would then be able to convert those eyes into sales. Whether the plan would work, or even whether it turns out to be true, remains to be seen because Amazon has yet to officially unveil a smartphone.

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