Amazon To Launch High End 3D Kindle Phone

amazon 3D Kindle PhoneWith the Kindle, Amazon pretty much ruled the ebook reader roost. It was released in 2007 and all of the release versions had been plucked from shelves within 6 hours. However, it wasn’t until the Kindle 2 that we in the UK were able to get our previously ink stained fingers on a version of the unique device. It, too, went down a storm and left the world wanting more. The Kindle DX, with a larger screen, the Kindle 3, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, and Kindle Fire HD were among some of the more popular additions to the line.

It seems that Amazon has been buoyed by its success; Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon will launch a Kindle 3D touchscreen smartphone that also has eye tracking technology.

Considering that the majority of people that will probably buy the Kindle 3D will be ebook lovers, eye tracking technology certainly makes sense. Turn pages with a flick of the eye and sit with eyes glued open in fear of the display thinking you’ve fallen asleep and going into Standby mode.

The 3D technology enables users to be able to view three dimensional images from any angle and the Kindle 3D will be the first time that the two technologies have been combined in a mobile phone.

The combination of these features also means that the phone will be competing with the likes of the Samsung S4 and the iPhone, in terms of market share and in terms of cost, so it will need to be top notch if Amazon is to enjoy similar success from the Kindle 3D phone as they have from their Kindle ebook readers.

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