Amazon To Launch Online Software Sales In UK

amazonAmazon is further extending its range of online services in the UK by selling software titles including games and office suites and tools. Amazon already offers a similar service in the USA.

Amazon has been offering and selling software online to its US customers since 2009 but, as is often the case, we in the UK had yet to benefit from the option. The store is currently in testing but is set for a launch later in the year and it will offer access to AAA gaming titles as well as popular office and productivity software like Adobe Photoshop and, of course, Microsoft’s range of Office applications.

Steam is by far the most popular of PC download stores in the UK and the most recent estimates show that 50% to 70% of all worldwide gaming downloads originate from the one site. In November of last year, Steam boasted that it reached the 6 million mark and they have gone on to further improve on this figure ever since.

PC downloads are popular with gamers because of the convenience that they have to offer. Users can simply choose the title they want and download the game without having to step foot away from the desktop. The PC gaming market is considered by many to be for more hardcore gamers, borne out by the better graphics and more immersive gaming experience than is offered on consoles and other gaming systems.

Downloadable games are increasing in popularity, too, on consoles and with the next generation of Playstation and Xbox devices set to further integrate into the living room and home entertainment network it seems possible that the download market will continue to expand. Amazon have set themselves up in such a way that they could be one of the organisations to really prosper as a result.

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