Android Based Ouya Games Console Released This Week

ouya gamesAndroid based games console Ouya is released this week representing an inexpensive way to play your favourite apps and games on your TV.

With all the talk of next generation consoles that will come at a cost of around £400 it’s refreshing to see the release of a console that will cost a little less. The Kickstarter funded Ouya console won’t be able to play the latest and best looking games but if you prefer to play the likes of Farmville to Call of Duty and you prefer mobile phone based games to the Xbox 360 then the Ouya should take pride of place in your living room.

Originally planned for launch on the 4th June, the date was put back to Tuesday 25th June so that more consoles could be manufactured ready for the release date.

The Ouya has a quad core 1.7GHz processor and nVidia GeForce GPU. It connects to HD ready 720p and full HD 1,080p TVs via HDMI cable. Games that even include a version of Final Fantasy as well as the usual array of Android games will be available from launch as well as a select few streaming apps. The people behind the Ouya have said that they are in talks to have more apps and games developed as time passes.

The Ouya, which will cost £99 on release and is still available to pre-order, became the second highest grossing project on Kickstarter when it raised a staggering $8.5m. Kickstarter enables projects like the Ouya to gain public funding and investing early usually provides people with additional benefits.

All Ouya games must provide some free element although it is likely that the majority of games will be free-to-play with premium features added in. You need to register a credit or debit card before you can download games too but the Ouya, especially at such a low price and only measuring 3”, is a great choice for the living room or any other room in the house.

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