Android Slips While Apple And Windows Gain Smartphone Share

apple_android_windowsApple saw sizeable gains in market share during the quarter ending July 2013 while Android saw a big slip. The biggest surprise was the gain made by the Windows Phone operating system.

For some time now, Android has held the majority of the market share when it comes to smartphone operating systems, although it isn’t really fair to compare it to iOS. While Android is deployed on handsets made by the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony, and others, iOS is only found on Apple phones. Despite this, in the UK at least, iOS is still found on approximately one third of smartphones – Android has more than 55%.

However, Google hasn’t had everything its own way in the last quarter figures.

In the three months ending July 2013, Android market share was down 3.8% in the UK while Apple saw its iOS share rise by 7.8%. This meant that the warring operating systems held 55.2% and 31.1% of the market share respectively.

The biggest shift in numbers came from Blackberry; a trend that continued through the world. In the UK, Blackberry slipped 7.5% and now only holds 3.5% of the market. This not only means that they are losing further ground to the big two, but they are also losing ground to a surprising gain.

Microsoft has struggled getting a firm foothold in the mobile operating system market, having to rely on Nokia to carry the flag for them. However, in the UK, Microsoft’s share rose by 5% to reach 9.2% putting it in third position.

Microsoft didn’t have its own way in every market, only gaining 0.5% in the USA where iOS gained 7.8% and Android lost 7.6%. The USA is the market in which Apple holds the biggest share and they now have 43.4% of the market while Android holds 51.1%.

With Microsoft agreeing to buy Nokia it looks and presumably consolidate their position, it seems possible that the Windows march may continue.

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