Angry Birds 3D Movie In The Making

angry birdsThe Angry Birds app was a true phenomenon that bagged its creators billions of pounds in profits and spawned a generation of overpriced merchandise as well as a slew of sometimes dodgy licensed games. It was even turned into an animated kids’ TV programme and Sony has now announced that we will be subjected to a complete barrage of the senses when they release a 3D film version as part of the franchise.

The first Angry Birds game has attracted more than 12 million downloads from Apple’s App Store alone making it the most successful app of all time and causing a number of further instalments to be released. In all honesty, there’s little to hate about the game, which is based somewhat loosely on the plight of a number of flightless birds and sees users (like we need to tell you) firing the birds from a slingshot at various structures. Since then the game has been released on Android, Symbian, and Windows, and various versions have also been released on all platforms. In total, more than 1.7bn downloads across all platforms of the different games have now been accumulated.

Angry Birds Toons, an animated TV series, was launched to an audience of more than 150 million people around the world. While no voice actors have been announced, Rovio Entertainment and Sony Entertainment have announced that they are to team up in order to create a 3D film version of the popular franchise. David Maisel and John Cohen, producers of Iron Man and Despicable Me respectively, are reported to be working on the project.

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