Anonymous Hackers Hacked By Hacking Group Rustle League

hackersIt’s good to see that irony hasn’t passed by the hacking world completely. Anonymous, the group that have been responsible for hacking everything from the Australian Prime Minister’s website to PayPal and various world governments, has been forced to take a teaspoonful or two of its own medicine as its Twitter account was hacked by a largely unknown group that calls itself the Rustle League.

Anonymous are a group of hackers that were formed from the /b/ forum of Most recently, they hit the press for releasing details of senior figures in the EDL as well as the group’s financial backers. In 2009 they released porn clips on YouTube, disguised as family friendly content while in 2010 they hacked the PayPal website in protest at the company’s decision to suspend the WikiLeaks account.

The group may be known for hacking others but it seems they are not immune to the same treatment as their Twitter account was hacked over the weekend. The 1.1m followers saw a slew of Tweets laced with profanities before the group realised, informed news outlets, and restored their account back to normal.

Rustle League, the group responsible for the hack, are not as well known as Anonymous although it is believed that they are concerned with the Israel/Palestine conflict especially. The YourAnonNews feed is back to normal at the time of the writing this post. Will there be reprisals?

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