App Store 5th Anniversary Marked With Free Apps

app_storeApple has reduced the price of a number of its usually premium priced games and apps. Although no announcement has been made as to the reason why, the App Store enjoys its 5th anniversary on Wednesday so it seems likely that this is the cause.

The App Store turns 5 on Wednesday and not only is it incredible to think that there was a smartphone world before downloadable apps but arguably more incredible is the fact that Apple is giving stuff away for free in the shape of a number of games and non-game apps that users can download completely gratis.

Infinity Blade 2 – This touch screen role playing game sequel received massive ratings and incredible reviews on its release. Typically costing £5 for download, you can grab it completely free.

Tiny WingsTiny Wings now has everything you want from an addictive pick up and play physics game. You play a bird with, as the name eludes to, tiny wings. Skid down hills, flap your wings, and jump off the next hill to fly as far as possible.

BadlandBadland is a side scroller that is virtually without peer when it comes to graphics and it shows off everything that the iPad and iPhone have to offer in this area. It doesn’t just look great – it plays great too; an alluring combination.

Traktor DJ – This DJ app would normally cost you $20 so even if there is the slightest chance you will ever want to turn your hand to electronic music making on the iPad you should download it now; you never know how long these are going to remain free.

Day OneDay One is a daily journal application. Not only can you add text updates but you can use photos you’ve taken and truly keep track of what you’ve done every hour of every day.

Over – With Over you can take a photo and then overlay your chosen text on the top. There’s a selection of fonts and other decorations so that you can create something truly unique before sharing, sending, or just sitting back and admiring the results.

This is actually only a selection of the premium apps on offer too. In games, you can also enjoy Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery and Where’s My Water. Additionally, you can beef your non-game app screen with the addition of Barefoot Atlas. If you’re lacking in room then we suggest you opt for Badland and Over but Tiny Wings is one of the most addictive games we’ve ever played.

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