Apple and Google remove Plastic Surgery app aimed at Children

plastic-surgery-appA game aimed at Children has been taken down by The App Store ad and Google Play which was labeled suitable for Children over nine years of age. The game allowed users to perform plastic surgery with a scalpel and liposuction.

After performing a range of procedures on the girl, she is revealed as a much more thinner version of her former self, thereafter users can compare before and after pictures.

In a statement, former British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) president Nigel Mercer described the Plastic Surgery for Barbie app as “sexist and disturbing”.

He said: “This app blatantly and shamelessly uses child-friendly brand names [such as Barbie] to target young, vulnerable children and exposes them to sexist and disturbing rhetoric as the ‘game’ critiques the body of a cartoon character who does not conform to an unrealistic beauty standard”.

“Even more shockingly, the app then encourages children to utilise surgery – going so far as to include images of syringes, scalpels and liposuction cannulas – to ‘fix’ the patient, who is described as an ‘unfortunate girl”.

“That Apple or Google could condone this disgraceful app as a game suitable for children is no less than sickening”.

“This app should not be available because it is not ‘socially responsible’.”

Mattel, which produces the children’s doll and owns the Barbie brand, had already distanced itself from the app.

Google confirmed that it had taken down Plastic Surgery for Barbie

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