Apple Announces New iPhone 5S And 5C

iphone_5c_and_5sApple has announced details of the iPhone 5S and has finally confirmed the, aherm… budget iPhone, also called the 5C, although at upwards of £469 it’s difficult to swallow it as a budget option.

Thanks to its incredibly popular brand and a tendency to stay tight-lipped until launch day, Apple always attracts a considerable amount of rumour and speculation. Consumers are always waiting for the next iPod Touch or the next iPhone or iPad release. While a new and innovative device of these types wasn’t forthcoming, Apple’s press event did much to excite the brand’s loyal followers, with news of the upgraded iPhone 5S and the new, apparently budget, iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5S follows the usual conventions for upgraded iPhone models. It utilises the same basic design except where new features make this impossible. As such, buying a 5S means that you are buying a phone which will look pretty much identical to the iPhone 5. There is a new colour, though, in the form of gold. And, the old colours have got new names – gone are the good old days of black and white; replaced with space grey and silver instead.

The new A7 chip is actually quite a significant upgrade, as it is the 64 bit chip used in a smartphone and makes everything quicker while reducing the load placed on the iPhone battery. Another major upgrade arrives in the camera. It has a larger sensor, larger pixels, and larger aperture as well as a better double flash. There’s a burst mode, slow-mo video, and auto image stabilisation too.

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The other major addition to the iPhone 5S is the Touch ID biometric feature. The home button now has a fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock the phone and also to log on to your Apple account. Early signs show that it is actually quite accurate with no concern of false positives, as yet.

The 5S will be available for £549 for the 16GB model while the 32GB will cost £629 and the 64GB will set you back a stunning £709. All will be available from September and, if the price seems a little high then, fear not, because Apple also unveiled the new iPhone 5C model.

The 5C is considered the new budget iPhone but it can only be considered budget when compared to the £700 you would have to pay for the 5S. When compared to virtually any other phone it is still expensive, especially considering the plastic body and gaudy colours.

Blue, green, pink, yellow, and white are the colours that Apple are hoping will attract kids to pester their parents. The phone uses the A6 processor found in previous models of the iPhone and it is made from plastic. It is still a really good quality phone and, for this reason, you still have to pay really good quality phone prices. In fact, the “budget” iPhone will cost you £469 for the 16GB model and £549 for the 32GB model. Both versions will be available from 20th September with pre-orders possible from the 13th September.

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