Apple buys iPhone SnappyCam app for undisclosed amount

Recent reports coming out of the Apple that the Californian-tech giant bought the high end app SnappyCam between Christmas and New Year. SnappyCam’s ‘burst mode’ allows users to take multiple images in one go, a feature generally found on high quality SLR cameras. The cost of the acquisition has not been announced.

The app which costs just 79p has since been removed from the app store allows users to take multiple photos in one take and then select the best image. The app also features a six times zoom.

However, since the likes of Samsung and Apple have introduced the feature in their latest handsets, it is becoming more popular among amateur photographers.

SnappyCam’s burst mode can capture 20 photos per second and in certain models of iPhone is said to be capable of up to 60 frames per second at a full resolution of 8-megapixels.

Integral to the acquisition Apple are also hiring John Papandriopoulos, the founder and sole employee of Snappy Lab. Papandriopoulos is an Australian with a PhD in electrical engineering living in San Francisco, who has made breakthroughs with algorithms relating not just to phones.

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