Apple Is Still The Coolest Brand

apple-logo-smallThe annual CoolBrands survey shows that Apple is still considered the coolest brand in the UK but other technology brands have lost ground to luxury firms and fashion labels.

The CoolBrands annual survey aims to highlight which brands UK consumers consider to be the coolest. During the recession, the trend was for essential and technology brands to take the top position but things have changed according to this year’s results. Whereas brands like BBC iPlayer have lost considerable ground, luxury brands like Rolex and Aston Martin as well as fashion labels like Chanel and Prada have scaled the heights of the top 20.

The incredible queue and apparent euphoria surrounding the latest Apple releases has become commonplace so it is hardly surprising to see them top the list once again this year.

However, other technology companies have not fared so well.

YouTube was considered the second coolest brand last year but now takes sixth position, replacing BBC iPlayer which has dropped to 16th. Google, Twitter, and Skype also suffered at the hands of the survey, which polled thousands of consumers as well as icons of music and popular culture.

Aston Martin rose from third to second place while Rolex burst into third place despite not being placed in the top 20 at all last year. Nike took fourth spot and the Glastonbury festival rounded off the top 5.

Luxury brands make up a large percentage of the top 20 now, replacing the likes of Ben & Jerrys ice cream. As well as Aston Martin and Rolex, Ray-Ban found its way in to 10th spot and Chanel and Prada are in 13th and 14th.

The release of the latest iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the “affordable” iPhone 5C (which still costs up to £600 despite being made of plastic) have almost certainly helped Apple retain its top billing.

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