Apple iWatch Will Cost Less Than £100 And Sell More Than 60m Units

apple-iwatchThe buzz surrounding the apparent release of the Apple iWatch has picked up once again, amid news that it may sell for around £100 and that it will release late next year, selling more than 60m units in its first year.

It has been reported by a Taiwanese newspaper that two companies, Quanta and Inventec will be responsible for the manufacture of Apple’s first iWatch device. Furthermore, one analyst has predicted a launch price of around £125 with others suggesting it could be even lower than this. Analysts have said that the watch will cost upwards of £95 although there is no indication whether this is the cost to Apple for manufacturing it or to the cost to the buyer for acquiring it.

With a potentially low price tag like this, it would certainly indicate that the iWatch will be plugged as a complement to the iPhone and iPad rather than replacements for them.

There hasn’t been any official word on whether the company, who are notoriously tight lipped and secretive about their new product launches, is actually even designing the watch but the rumours have not only persisted but built up a fairly big head of steam in recent months.

Potential buyers should not get too excited about this latest news, though, because it is tempered by some disappointment.

There had been rumours suggesting that the wearable tech device would be ready to launch as early as the end of this year but it is now suggested that it will be during the second half of next year before Apple will be able to the get the innovative device onto shelves.

The iWatch name has been registered as a trademark by Apple, in Japan, but this could be a case of protecting their potential interests.

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