Apple Now More Valuable Than Coca-Cola

apple-logo-smallApple has long been voted the coolest brand and can now add the accolade of being the most valuable brand to its already impressive line-up of records.

The Interbrand annual report shows which of the world’s biggest brands really is the biggest, at least in terms of value. It has been dominated by Coca-Cola ever since it started but it is perhaps not surprising that Apple has usurped the drinks manufacturer to become the most valuable. Coca Cola slipped down into third place with Apple’s chief rival, Google, also surpassing last year’s top entrant.

This year’s top ten sees exactly the same names as last year but there has been a little shuffling around in order to accommodate the rise and fall of Apple and Coca Cola.

Apple has been attributed a brand value of a shade under $100bn which is a 28% rise on last year which was enough to overtake Coca Cola, despite the drinks firm managing an increase themselves. Coca Cola brand stock rose 2% to $79.2bn. Although there’s some dispute over the classification of I.B.M in fourth place, there are realistically 6 technology firms in the top ten.

Apple recently launched two new iPhones amid the usual hysteria.

The iPhone 5S is more of an update than a replacement but it is the first phone to utilise a 64 bit processor, something that other manufacturers like Samsung have now said that they will follow with their own future releases.

The iPhone 5C represented more of a significant change for the technology giant. It is billed as being the budget iPhone, although it has to be said that it can only be considered budget when placed alongside the full priced iPhone 5S because you will still need to part with around £500 to £600 or more depending on the actual model and variant that you choose.

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The 5C is made from a plastic body and it is also available in a gamut of colours. Apple has previously only considered releasing phones in a couple of colours and made from higher quality materials. We do have to question whether the moniker of budget really applies for a phone that still costs as much as some of the highest spec, top end smartphones on the market, but Apple knows best and the devices flew off the shelves as is typically expected from a new iPhone launch.

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