Apple Patents Indicate Slimmer And More Powerful Batteries

apple-logo-smallPatent applications are a pretty good sign of what’s to come, especially in a world where patents are power. Apple is certainly no stranger to their use and a recent application from the tech giant indicates that they may soon be using grapheme to help them create considerably thinner and more powerful batteries. A week ahead of the Worldwide Developers Conference next week, analysts have also predicted that a thinner MacBook Pro will be unveiled.

US Patent Application 2013/0136966 details a grapheme based heat sink in place of the graphite heat sink that is commonly used for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Graphene is a one atom thin material that has won its developers a Nobel Peace Prize. It has been developed into a paint that could be used to coat the outside of buildings with a solar skin and its diminutive stature also lends itself perfectly to use in devices like mobile phones. One possible use is in coating a phone so that it will charge from the sun’s rays when out of the pocket.

Meanwhile, Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the MacBook Pro will get slimmer still and he predicts that the announcement of the new ultra-slim laptop will be announced at next week’s WWDC; an event that has become known for the announcement of innovative and ultimately popular devices. He also believes that the camera will be an upgrade from HD to full HD and the MacBook Air will feature dual microphones. With the conference only a week away you can expect analysts and journalists alike to be scratching away at likely upgrades and penning rumours (watch this space).

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