Apple Straining For WWDC Release Of iRadio

Apple iRadioApple has entered into last minute negotiations with music publishers in a bid to ready its upcoming iRadio service in time for the Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) later this month. It emerges that publishers are also taking the push as a sign that they can squeeze some extra royalties and guarantees from the iPhone publisher. The company has allegedly already signed a deal with Universal and the tech giant has announced that they have signed a deal with Warner Music this weekend.

Rumours suggest that the radio streaming service will be similar to Pandora. It will offer Internet access to favourite tracks and bands while allowing users to set up stations based around their favourite choices. It will also offer a free, ad supported subscription package, which would put it directly in the sights of the Pandora service. For now, all of this is speculation, although Apple is apparently aiming to launch the service at the WWDC, which starts on the 10th June so confirmation looks to be imminent.

One of the key factors in launching such a service is the licensing and publishing deals that the company has in place. Without decent publishing partnerships in place, the service is likely to stutter. There have been reports for a while that Apple has signed a deal with Universal and reports today suggest that a similar deal has been struck with the world’s third largest music publisher, Warner Music. Allegedly, Warner will be receiving 10% of royalties, which is twice the amount they earn with competitors Pandora.

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