Apple To Release Larger iPhone Phablets And Offer Choice Of Colours?

iPhone phabletApple has always been quite rigid in the design of its phones. Apart from a few minor cosmetic tweaks, the iPhone has always had pretty much the same basic design. Rumours are, though, that this could change with a larger screen, phablet variant and a choice of colours for their buyers.

Barely a week goes by without a rumour of some new Apple device hitting the market and this week is no different. While some of the rumours tend to disappear quite likely, there are those that tend to hang around until they bear fruit.

Part of the reason for the proliferation of such rumours is the fact that Apple produce prototypes in massive quantity. The odd few make it through to production while others will never see the light of day.

One rumour that’s been doing the rounds for a while is that of a cheaper model of iPhone; something that may well have Steve Jobs turning in his grave. It’s reported that this model would have a plastic case but would come in a range of different colours to suit the garish tastes of every possible buyer. Rumours on price range from around £80 to £250 or more, though, so it’s fair to say that there’s nothing particular concrete about this one yet.

New rumours are also spreading that the company may be going in the other direction and releasing phones with large screens in order to rival the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The 4.7” screen devices would, considering the price of the existing size, cost a fair penny we bet.

However, the biggest (in more ways than one) surprise would be the imagining of an iPhone phablet dream held by many.

Phablet is a term given to devices that are larger than a smartphone but smaller than a tablet and the rumoured iPhone phablet, with a 5.6” screen certainly hits the mark in terms of size. Phablets provide the features of a smartphone combined with the greater functionality of a tablet and they are usually powerful devices with good quality screens. It’s unusual to see one being used as a primary phone and the cost of the devices has put a lot of potential consumers off buying the devices.

In other smartphone rumours, it is believed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will move to a unibody design made from brushed aluminium. Bear in mind, though, that same rumours surfaced regarding the S4 and they certainly didn’t come to fruition.

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