Apple Willing To Release Apps On Android And Google Glass Is Niche

Android and AppleCEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has said that his company would be willing to release apps on Android if the opportunity was right. He also said that he believed Google Glass to be a niche product. Speaking at a conference he also discussed the Apple Maps debacle, offering iPhone owners the chance to choose home screen, and intimated that Apple may be prepared to make a move into so-called wearable technology.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has said that the company has no “religious issue” with releasing apps on Android but that they would only do so if it made sense. If that constitutes a thinly veiled complement to their competitors Google then don’t be overly concerned. They also said that Google Glass was a niche product – lifting the veil to unleash an unabashed insult.

Apple is considering allowing users to change their home screen but Cook is aware that freedom can be used. He said that it would not happen to the extent that it “put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.”

In a somewhat candid moment, Cook also said that Apple had screwed up with Maps. The failed attempt at toppling Google Maps from its throne was followed up by an announcement that they were working on it but that they still “have more to do.”

There was some rather mild intimation that Apple may be moving into wearable tech when he said that he was impressed with how well Nike have done in the emerging field.

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