Apple Working On Massive iPad

ipad LargeApple is bucking the trend for manufacturing smaller versions of popular devices by allegedly working on a massive 13” variant of the iPad device. Meanwhile, research shows that we spend the least on Android apps.

Manufacturers in Asia have said that Apple have requested that they provide samples of 13” screens for a potential new line of iPads. If it turns out that the tech giant are working on such a monstrously large device, it would eclipse the main iPad model by some 3” and would be bigger even than a number of laptops on the market.

During the Steve Jobs years, Apple were resolute in their dedication to basically providing a single line and ensuring that that line received all of their attention. Jobs would never have considered the cheap, plastic iPhone model that is currently being rumoured and nor would be have been likely to have mooted the idea of an iPad Mini or the rumoured Apple Ridiculously Large (that’s a working title and it will probably get a different name by the time it hits shelves).

However, since his untimely departure, the Apple rumour mill at least has gone mad. The iPad Mini has already hit shelves and it is believed that the next incarnation of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 will have a considerably larger screen than the current model. With rumours of an iPad Maxi also on the cards it seems that manufacturers like Samsung may have their work cut out in staving off the popular manufacturer’s advances.

This is hardly surprising when figures from Flurry show that iOS users are the most likely to part with cash for their apps (there are those that would say it’s because they have more money than sense, hence why they own an iPhone in the first place). iPad owners average 50c per download and iPhone owners 19c while Android apps only average 6c per download.

Hmm, I wonder how Apple could cash in on that? Maybe a broader range of devices would help.

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