Arrest Captured On Google Glass

google glassGoogle Glass owner Chris Barrett has captured the first footage of an arrest via his wearable tech device and opened up the whole privacy issue once again.

It’s been a while since we had any decent Google Glass news to impart upon readers but it seems that user Chris Barrett has not only opened up the whole privacy debate but has also provided us with a means to report on the unique wearable technology device.

Barrett was out celebrating on the 4th July at the Jersey Shore. His intentions were to capture footage of the fireworks display but, instead, he witnessed a brawl on the street and the arrest of one of the fighters. This is certainly the first instance of an arrest being caught with the glasses and it has led many to question the validity of using Google Glass, especially regarding privacy.

Barrett said that the size and convenience of the device meant that he could wear the glasses and capture the footage without worrying about being caught. He said that had he been using a camera or another more obvious device then he may well have been dragged into the scuffle.

A new Google Glass update includes code that will pave the way for a media app so it would seem that it won’t be too long before the proud few owners of Glass will be able to watch TV and video footage directly in their glasses.

BrickSimple has released a demo video of a Battleships game for the device too. We’re not entirely sure how safe it will prove but the concept is that you will be able to use voice commands to play a game of the classic Battleships board game. Honestly, we wouldn’t advise walking around your local shop shouting “B2 Hit” and “D4 Sunk” but it could be useful when you’re somewhere a little more private.

It has proven difficult for developers to really get to grips with coding applications for the device but Google has said that they will launch graphics and coding APIs that should make it simpler. Also included in the recent update was the framework for something called Google Boutique – rumours suggest that this will be an app marketplace specifically for Google Glass apps.

Tesla may be one of the first to throw their app into the marketplace. Owners of the electric car and a pair of Google Glass glasses can download the app and perform a number of remote functions in their car.

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