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£200 million floating laboratory will explore ‘final frontier’ of polar regions

british_antarctic_surveyA huge research ship costing £200 million has been commissioned, which will probe the oceans and climate of the arctic and Antarctic, George Osborne will announce today.

The new vessel, to be operated by the British Antarctic Survey, will replace the UK’s two current polar exploration ships, which are nearing the end of their lives.

Although primarily for research, the government said the ship would also allow Britain to “maintain our presence” around the British territories in the South Atlantic.

Tensions have been mounting in the Falklands over recent years. Earlier this month Argentina accused the UK of provocation over plans to hold military exercises in the Islands. Continue reading

British students ‘being driven overseas by fees hike’

Britain studentsBritain could be facing a 21st century brain drain as figures show a surge in the number of students considering studying at foreign universities.

A report from the British Council found more than a third of young adults were preparing to take courses overseas – a near doubling in just 12 months.

Figures show a “thirst for travel and adventure” and experiencing other cultures were cited as the most popular reasons for wanting to take a university or college course abroad. Continue reading

Thousands die of thirst and poor care in NHS

nhsAt least 1,000 hospital patients are dying needlessly each month from dehydration and poor care by doctors and nurses, according to an NHS study.

The deaths from acute kidney injury could be prevented by simple steps such as nurses ensuring patients have enough to drink and doctors reviewing their medication, the researchers say.

Between 15,000 and 40,000 patients die annually because hospital staff fail to diagnose the treatable kidney problem, a figure that dwarfs the death toll from superbugs like MRSA. Continue reading

Baby catches deadly meningitis infection from cat

A baby was left on the verge of death after contracting meningitis from a pet cat.

Sparkle Anderson was just three weeks old when she contracted the illness from the cat’s saliva.

She spent a month in hospital recovering from the disease, which was believed to have been transmitted when the pet, named Chesney, licked her bottle.

Her mother, Chelsea-Ann Dodd, 21, said: “The doctors said she was only the 39th person in the world known to picked up that particular strain of meningitis.

According to charity Meningitis Now, 10 per cent of bacterial meningitis cases end in death. It kills more UK children under the age of five than any other infectious disease.

The girl, now three, is said to have become fond of the cat, who lives with her grandmother.

“Chesney still lives with my mum and there’s no danger to worry about any more from them being in contact. In fact they follow each other around all the time when we visit,“ said Ms Dodd, of Winsham Somerset.

AC/DC To Continue Without Ill Malcolm Young

ACDC-guitarist-Malcolm-YoungAC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young is taking a break from the band to focus on his health, the band has said.

An announcement saying the 61-year-old is in “ill health” was posted on the band’s Facebook page but no further details were provided.

Malcolm would like to thank the group’s die-hard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support,” the statement said.

But the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers said they “will continue to make music”, despite rumours they are on the brink of retirement. Continue reading

Bizarre twist of irony sees Noah screening cancelled by actual cinema flood

Russell Crowe as NoahOf all the reasons why a screening of Russell Crowe epic Noah might have to be cancelled, this one must surely rank as the most ironic.

Those cinemagoers aiming to catch the first showing of the movie, which opened last Friday, at the Vue in Exeter, found themselves out of luck after being told that the cinema had had to close – due to a flood on the premises.

Local paper the Express and Echo reported that a faulty ice machine was to blame for the incident, which left the cinema unable to re-open until 2pm – almost two hours after the first showing had been due to begin. Continue reading