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Plessey is aimed at wearables having dot-sized LED

PlesseyPlessey has released it’s smallest packaged GaN-on-SI LED however, looking the item for the surging wearable electronic devices industry.

PLW138003 is a white LED in a 1005 (1×0.5mm) SMT package “designed specifically for the demand for ever smaller LED components producing highly collimated light”, said Plessey.

Brand name ‘dotLEDs’, there’s also a blue version (PLB138003). Both equally weigh 0.2mg and are 0.2mm tall. Continue reading

Nasa finds glass-like sea on Titan

imageNew radar measurements of an enormous sea on TitanSaturn’s second largest moon — has shown a mirror like smoothness.

This means the surface of Ligeia Mare, Titan’s second largest sea, possesses a glass like surface, sans any waves at all, possibly due to a lack of winds.

In what is the first ever insight into the weather pattern and landscape composition of the Saturnian moon, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has revealed the sea is really still. Continue reading

Harry Potter artwork on sale at $20,000

harry-potterHarry Potter fans will have the opportunity to bid for a piece of publishing history this week as the original illustrations for two of JK Rowling’s books will go on sale at auction.

British illustrator Cliff Wright created the ink and watercolour illustrations, which were used for the covers of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (1998) and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999), the second and third books in the globally bestselling series. Continue reading

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may unveil iPad version of Office on March 27

Satya-NadellaThe new boss, Satya Nadella who is now the current CEO of Microsoft is going to have his first big press appearance and address industry executives in San Francisco on March 27. Sources said that Satya Nadella may unveil an iPad version of the company’s Office software suite during this juncture. What can be better than this occasion to launch the company’s most profitable product for Apple Inc’s popular tablet. Microsoft said in an invitation to reporters that Nadella will discuss “news related to the intersection of cloud and mobile” but waned to comment on the particulars of the CEO’s appearance.

Finally the most anticipated dream will come true for many populaces by the hit of iPad and Continue reading

Phone message from Duke of Cambridge to Kate Middleton intercepted

img001A phone message from the Duke of Cambridge to his then girlfriend was intercepted by a private investigator working for the News of the World, the hacking trial has heard.

The message recorded by Glenn Mulcaire was of the Duke arranging to leave Sandhurst to meet the now Duchess, the Old Bailey heard.

It was found on a micro-cassette in former royal editor Clive Goodman’s flat.
In it, the Duke says: “Hopefully I should be able to leave by seven at the latest.” Continue reading

Intel’s Smart Bowl Everyone Loves It!

Intel-Smart-Bowl-imgThese days’ gadgets have become part of every one’s life. We don’t find a person without any electronic gadget; it should be either in pocket or in hand or in bag all the time.

Intel has come up with a new product which can charge multiple electronic gadgets like mobile, iPod, key chains, cells etc at a time. We can just drop all the electronic gadgets into this wireless Smart bowl and all these will get charged up, isn’t cool! Intel has designed this for future needs. Continue reading