jacquiJacqui C

Jacqui is a 15 year senior within the journalism industry. She has worked in TV as well as consumer and mainstream press culminating in a 5 year spell with a national PR consultancy. Jacqui now lends her talents to Superzoo, where she holds the position of senior journalist.

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Contact Info: 

Email: jacqui@superzoo.co.uk
Phone: 0141 333 0313

DavidDavid C

David is an experienced Internet marketer and strategist. He is Superzoo’s head of news as well as being in charge of PR and making sure our readers can benefit from high quality content on a daily basis.

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Contact Info: 

Email: david@superzoo.co.uk
Phone: 0141 333 0313


matt-jMatt J

Matt J is a freelance content writer and blogger with a passion for covering the whole gamut of technology topics. You will find Matt’s pieces typically covering Android, gaming, and the latest consumer gadgets and technologies.

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Contact Info: 

Email: matt@superzoo.co.uk
Phone: 0141 333 0313

RahulRahul K

Rahul is a freelance writer and new media journalist. He has spent ten years covering all aspects of consumer products and considers technology to be his first love and expertise. Rahul loves mobile phones and PCs and this is where you will find the majority of his work.

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Contact Info: 

Email: rahul@superzoo.co.uk
Phone: 0141 333 0313

AdarshAdarsh S

Adarsh is an experienced blogger and works as a guest blogger for Superzoo. He regularly covers breaking and emerging news while covering a selection of features to help provide quality to all of our readers. Home electronics are his specialist subject.

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Contact Info: 

Email: adarsh@superzoo.co.uk
Phone: 0141 333 0313

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