Bang & Olufsen Release First Surround Sound Speaker System

bang-olufsen-surround-sounds-systemBang & Olufsen are far from being a budget brand. They release high quality audio visual equipment that will take pride of place not only for the name of who manufactured it but also because of its stunning looks. One area where B&O have typically shied away from, however, is manufacturing items like speakers that can be used on things like TVs and stereos made by other companies. In the new BeoLab 14 they are bucking this trend, although you will have to pay extra if you want to use the system on a non B&O TV.

The BeoLab 14 is as uniquely beautiful as any of its predecessors. The conical sub-woofer may easily be mistaken for a large vase and the speaker units look like a cross between a flower and something from Teletubby Land; very organic, very natural, and at £2,495, very flaming expensive. What’s more, the number of speakers that you have to buy will depend on whether it will be accompanying a B&O TV or a unit made by another brand.

B&O TV owners only need four of the speaker units because their TV will act as the fifth unit to give full 5.1 surround. However, this isn’t the case with other TV brands and so, if you have a Samsung or Panasonic, no matter how cutting edge and state of the art it may be, you will have to fork out extra in order to buy the fifth speaker unit. Still, it looks incredible and it is B&O after all.

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