Barclays Replaces Security Questions With Voice Recognition

barclays bankBarclays Wealth is a private bank that typically offers its services to those with a need to store and access large sums of money. Wealth account holders are generally considered to be high end clients that the bank needs to take additional care of. The latest initiative offered to these prestigious customers is the use of voice recognition biometrics as a replacement for passwords, pin codes, and security questions. The system can detect whether a person is who they say they are in less than a minute of normal conversation.

Ringing the bank and remembering the various layers of security requirements can prove troublesome. If you are especially security conscious then you will have different pin numbers, account names, and passwords or every account. It is easy to forget or stumble over the security questions that you’re asked. While this doesn’t typically cause a problem for the customer, Barclays Wealth believes it has found a new, simpler, and more beneficial way of verifying a person’s identity.

Design by Nuance, the team behind Siri, the voice recognition system can work in under a minute and be used to identify a caller well within this time. It means that, even if your call is routed and rerouted around various departments, you won’t have to repeatedly verify your security details to be able to discuss your account. Barclays says that the system has reduced call times while improving security and it will be rolled out to the whole Barclays account base within a few years.

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