Batman: Arkham Origins Collectors’ Edition Revealed

Batman_Arkham_OriginsWarner Bros has announced what will be included in the special Collectors’ Edition of Batman: Arkham Origins. Buyers will receive a statue, an 80 page book, and DLC for the PS3 all for £79.

We appreciate that not everybody is into collectors’ editions and that there are a small number of deranged individuals that don’t particularly like the recent Batman game releases but we’re excited by the incoming and upcoming release of the latest in the series of the franchise. In all honesty, Batman: Arkham Origins doesn’t introduce anything major to the series. It has mostly the same gadgets, combat system, and even the setting. However, we suspect that it will offer some incredible new gameplay from what has become one of the best recent franchises launched.

One feature that is new to the series is the Multiplayer where gamers can take on the role of good or bad guy. The gameplay is very much stealth based in the new Multiplayer mode but you can actually play as one of the Joker’s stooges or one of Bane’s gang members.

Collectors’ Editions are often seen, included by us, as being an expensive way of buying a game and a load of tat that come with it. However, if you’re going to pay £80 for a £50 game then you should at least ensure that you get some decent quality purchases.

The statue is incredibly detailed and features Batman holding the Joker aloft. The 80 page hardback book contains artwork and images, as well as details and text regarding the game, the making of the game, and the settings. It also includes an 8 file Assassins Dossier, presumably detailing the 8 major baddies that you will have to fight in the game.

Finally, you also receive a metal case which, you will be happy to hear, has the game included inside. Arguably the best value addition to the pack, however, is the inclusion of the Deathstroke Challenge Pack DLC. This includes two extra challenge maps and two Deathstroke Skins. For PS3 owners, the bonus is even better with the inclusion of the Knightfall pack that was first announced at E3.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be released on October 25th on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii U.

We are really excited about the release of the new Batman game although we probably won’t be investing in the collectors’ editions ourselves. We’re sure there will be a reasonable take up though.

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