BBC Playlister Service Coming Soon

BBC-PlaylistThe BBC has said that it will launch its Playlister service in the next few days, enabling users to tag and stream tracks that they hear on BBC TV, iPlayer, and other media services.

The BBC has taken to some emerging technologies like a proverbial duck to water. The iPlayer service is one of the undisputed successes of catch up TV and it attracts millions of users from all over the world every single day. It is found on most platforms and contains the bulk of the BBC’s content in a convenient and easy to watch format. You can watch Eastenders on your mobile while catching the bus to work or you can settle down to catch up on the latest BBC films on your smart TV or laptop.

Tony Hall, the BBC Director General, has unveiled details of a new Playlister music service that is set to launch in the next few days. This service will enable users to tag and store songs that they hear on the BBC before exporting their playlist to an external source like Spotify or Deezer where they can listen to the whole track.

Features like DJ recommendations will also enable listeners to access new music.

Another option for audio fans will also be released soon, in the shape iTunes Radio. Reports indicate that the world’s most valuable brand, Apple, is set to launch the radio service in the UK sometime early in 2014. The service has already launched in the US.

iTunes Radio differs from other streaming radio services because it does not allow listeners to create their own tracklists or pick their own songs. Instead, it creates playlists based on a user’s preferences and it is not possible to deviate from this tracklist. Unfortunately, this means that your guilty George Michael secret will have an effect on what you hear on the iTunes Radio.

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