BBC servers under attack on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve the world’s largest and oldest broadcaster, the BBC, suffered a cyber attack.  The attacker subsequently launched a campaign on Christmas Day to convince other like-minded criminals to pay him for access.

Thankfully though the BBC’s security team managed to contain the situation and secure the site
from further attack.

A cyber security firm in Milwaukee USA, which monitors underground cyber crime in search of stolen information, first detected the attack, however it is still not clear whether any information or data was stolen or any damage was caused.

The alleged Russian hackers known by monikers “Hash” and “Rev0lver” attempted to sell access to the BBC server by showing other hackers and interested parties files that could only be found by somebody who really controlled the site.

A cyber security consultant added that by accessing the server allowed criminals to establish a foothold within the BBC, which could allow in the future hackers to pivot and gain further access in the future.

Attacking the BBC is certainly a notch on an attackers belt given the scale and profile of the BBC.

The BBC employs roughly 23,000 staff globally and is largely funded by every British household with a TV.

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