Blackberry Give Q5 Launch Date, Price, And Specifications

blackberry Q5It is a month since Blackberry announced the upcoming launch of the Q5 smartphone and rumours have surfaced today that provide further details of the handset including a launch date, price and specifications.

The Blackberry Q5 is a more affordable alternative to the powerful Q10 phone. It features a fully QWERTY keyboard, which is one of the big selling points with most Blackberry handsets, and has decent specifications for a mid-range phone.

It’s rocking a dual core 1.2GHz processor and while it won’t set the world alight it will perform well for the majority of tasks and handle multitasking well. This is further augmented by the addition of 2GB of RAM and, as well as 8GB of internal storage, buyers will be able to extend the useful storage that they have with the addition of microSD cards.

As well as the full QWERTY keyboard you will also benefit from a 3.1” touch screen. There’s a 5mp rear facing camera and 2mp front facing camera which are again testament to the phone’s mid-range price tag.

Available in black, white, or red, the Q5 will be available from the 1st July according to retailer Clove.

Furthermore, the Q5 will be more than £200 cheaper than its bigger brother at £330 for a SIM free model. Phones4U are taking pre-orders for contracts on the phone and you can pick one up for free on contracts costing £26 per month.

If the Q5 isn’t powerful enough for you then the Q10 may be a better alternative, although for £200 more you don’t enjoy all that much of an increase. It too features touch screen and QWERTY keyboard but its dual core process is clocked at 1.5GHz. It also has 2GB of RAM but benefits from 16GB of internal storage. The rear facing camera is a more powerful 8mp variant though.

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